1 Whole Beef Deposit - Coming soon for 2023

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Coming soon for 2023.


This item is $5.50/LB, estimated final price is between $1710.00 and $2520.00 and the estimated final weight being between 380 and 560 lbs. Final price is determined by final weight plus butcher fees. Once item(s) is weighed, seller will bill you the final price less the deposit. 

You will receive a receipt for the final charge.

The final charge for the beef is $4.50 per lb + butcher fees - deposit = total due

We suggest you budget for an animal weight somewhere between 380 and 560 lb. Once we've given the butcher the instructions, it typically takes about 3 weeks for your beef to be ready, except for specialty items which require more time. When we receive notice that your beef is ready Heather will call you to arrange your pickup. Remember to bring a cooler with you to keep your meat frozen. All beef comes in vacuum sealed packages from our USDA butcher. We recommend you make your reservation for your next beef order when you pickup to avoid missing out as we sell out months in advance.

We will store your beef, if needed, for up to a week for an additional fee of $50.