MUG - Sienna 11 oz

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Introducing our Sienna Mug, an 11-ounce masterpiece handcrafted by Heather. This exquisite mug is a blend of rustic charm and artisanal elegance, designed to elevate your daily sipping experience.

The warm and earthy sienna glaze, carefully applied by Heather's skilled hands, transforms each mug into a unique piece of functional art. The 11-ounce capacity is perfectly suited for a variety of beverages, making it a versatile companion for your morning coffee rituals or evening tea sessions.

Crafted with attention to detail, this mug features a comfortable handle that enhances the ergonomic design, ensuring a pleasant and secure grip. The wheel-thrown technique imparts a balanced and distinctive shape, making every sip a moment of tactile delight.

Heather's dedication to her craft is evident in the thoughtful combination of form and function. The Sienna Mug is not just a practical vessel; it's a testament to the beauty that can be found in everyday rituals. Embrace the rich hues of sienna and the craftsmanship of a skilled artisan as you savor your favorite beverages in this elegantly crafted mug.

Whether you're adding to your collection of artisanal pottery or seeking a thoughtful gift, the Sienna Mug is a warm and inviting choice. Bring the rustic charm of sienna into your daily routine and celebrate the artistry of handmade ceramics with each sip.