Orange Fire Glass Pendant

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Introducing the exceptional handcrafted orange fused glass pendant by Heather at End of the Road Farm & Studio. This one-of-a-kind pendant is a true testament to Heather's artistic skill and passion for creating unique jewelry pieces.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pendant showcases a captivating fusion of vibrant orange hues. Heather's expert technique involves layering and fusing glass at high temperatures, resulting in a mesmerizing display of colors and textures that is truly unmatched.

The pendant's organic shape and swirling patterns evoke a sense of movement and energy, while the bold orange tones radiate warmth and vitality. Its translucent surface allows light to pass through, creating a stunning play of light and shadows that adds depth and dimension to the piece.

Measuring approximately 2" in length and 1 1/4" in width, this pendant commands attention with its bold size and striking presence. It comes with an 18-20" leather chain, complete with a secure clasp, allowing you to wear it comfortably and confidently.

As a one-of-a-kind creation, this pendant is a true symbol of individuality. No other pendant will be exactly like yours, making it a cherished piece that reflects your unique style and personality. Wear it as a statement piece to express your artistic flair or gift it to someone special as a heartfelt gesture.

Elevate your jewelry collection with the handcrafted orange fused glass pendant by Heather at End of the Road Farm & Studio. Embrace its vibrant energy and artistic allure as you adorn yourself with a truly exceptional piece of wearable art.